Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye

As animal lovers ourselves we understand that this is the most difficult time in any pet owners life. We want to ensure that the procedure goes as well as possible for the both of you.

We try as best we can to organise the appointment for a time when the clinic is quieter and also we have a side door if you don’t want to go back through reception afterwards.

It is often a concern to people what happens after the procedure. If you choose to leave your pet with us we can offer you group cremation where there is no return of ashes or individual cremation where your pet is cremated alone and you will receive their ashes in an urn or ornament of your choice with or without inscriptions.

We work with Pets to Rest Crematorium in Kerry who will take care of your pet in a dignified manner. They ensure it will be only the ashes of  your own pet you receive.