Progesterone Testing

Why use Progesterone Testing?

Progesterone Testing is crucial to correct timing of mating whether for a natural mating or artificial insemination. Through following a bitch’s progesterone levels we can determine ovulation and so when to mate

What's included?

Using the MiniVidas Progesterone Analyser we provide

  • Accurate Progesterone testing
  • Results in one hour for breeders and vets
  • Email or phone results
  • Relevant advice in each individual case
  • Prediction of whelping date from progesterone analysis.
Price List

Progesterone blood testing Lab Fee – sent by vet or breeder €40 *must be paid for before sample is run

1st Consultation, vaginal cytology and progesterone blood €75.00

Repeat consultation, vaginal cytology and progesterone blood €55