Junior’s owner started to notice changes in his behaviour. He was off form, dull, not acting himself and he was slowly starting to lose weight. After veterinary examination, Junior was diagnosed with lumbar spine spondylosis. Spondylosis is a form of arthritis, that affects the vertebrae in the back.

Junior was started on a course of pain relief medication for a number of weeks, however he was still not himself. Junior was then referred for physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. He was assessed by our physiotherapist and started on a home exercise/rehabilitation plan aimed at reducing his pain, building up his strength, improving his balance and coordination. Junior treatment consisted of land based therapeutic exercises, laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound and hydrotherapy. Junior’s owner noticed changes in him every week. His behaviour started to improve, he was more relaxed at home, his energy levels started to increase and he looked forward to going for his walks again. After two sessions, junior was off all pain relief and we were able to manage his pain with physiotherapy and hydrotherapy going forward.

Junior now comes in for regular sessions to help maintain his strength and manage his arthritic pain.

‘This time last year my boy was not himself, he seemed older and sad. After a lot of pain killers and tests we found the issues and got to work with Leonie. Since then there has been no looking back. I now have my happy, healthy boy back. Leonie will be a part of his life now to ensure he stays healthy and as strong as possible. Thank you Leonie.’

From Caroline and Junior



Molly was recently diagnosed with arthritis in both her left and right hip. She started to become stiff and sore, especially coming into the winter months. Molly was also struggling with her weight and her energy levels started to decrease.

She was started on a course of cartrophen injections and referred for physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Molly’s starting weight was 18.7 kg, her ideal weight was 14kg. Molly was started on a special diet and exercise plan to help her manage her pain, build up strength and lose weight. Targets were set every week for Molly of appropriate weight loss which was monitored closely by our veterinary nurse along with weekly weigh ins and diet monitoring. Both the diet and exercise plan was adjusted accordingly as Molly progressed.

She started a six week course of hydrotherapy/ physiotherapy to help manage her arthritic pain, lose weight while building up strength, improving her mobility and exercise tolerance. Molly’s treatment consisted of soft tissue massage to address areas of compensation, laser therapy/ heat therapy to help manage her arthritis, strengthening and endurance exercises along with hydrotherapy which greatly assisted molly in her weight loss journey. Hydrotherapy helped to manage Molly’s arthritic pain while improving her mobility and exercise tolerance. Molly’s weight was monitored on a regular basis. Over the course of six months Molly’s weight continued to decrease while she continued to build up strength.

Molly now weighs 14kg and is looking and feeling better than ever. Molly comes in for regular physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions to help control her arthritic pain and maintain her strength, which she worked hard to build over a number of weeks.

‘Molly attitude suddenly changed.  She couldn’t jump into the car anymore or even jump up onto the sofa onto my lap. She started to get slow and stiff when she was getting up first thing in the morning. The way she walked started to change and she began walking with her hind legs off to the side.  We then started physiotherapy and hydrotherapy at Southview with Leonie for a number of weeks. She is like a new pup now, full of life and attitude. Molly loves coming in for her regular swimming sessions.’

From Ruth and Molly



Max is a 5 year old collie cross. Max recently had TTA surgery on both hind legs a year apart. However Max’s recovery the second time round was much different from the first time.

Max had a traumatic rupture of his right hind cruciate. Four weeks post surgery Max was still struggling and not fully weight bearing on his right hind leg. His owner decided to start physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to help Max with his recovery.

Max was completely dependent on his front limbs and was severely compensating in both front legs as he recently had surgery on his left hind leg as well. Max was started on a rehabilitation plan and exercises which were tailoured to him, to help him in his recovery. His treatment consisted of land based therapeutic exercises and hydrotherapy which encouraged max to start weight bearing on both hind legs correctly again, build up strength, reduce areas of tension, pain and address areas of compensation. Max was relying on his front limbs for everything as they were carrying the majority of his weight as he was not fully weight bearing on his hind leg and was pushing as much weight off his hind limbs as he could. Max needed regular soft tissue massage, stretching, heat therapy and laser therapy to help resolve the tension and pain present throughout his front limbs. Max slowly began his road to recover.

Max is now 6 months post op and has never been better!

‘After Max had his second cruciate operation, his recovery was slow. Massive thanks to Leonie for all the physiotherapy for Max. Her care and attention to detail was excellent. Max was so lucky to have such top class facilities to improve his recovery. Leonie’s physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatments were a massive help to getting Max back to full health. 


I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their pets’ mobility to contact Leonie.’

From Margaret and Max