Our hydrotherapy suite consists of an underwater treadmill. We use hydrotherapy to treat a variety of patients that suffer from chronic conditions and who are recovering from injury or surgery. Our hydrotherapy suite is also used for pre operative conditioning, for improving cardiovascular fitness and for weight management control.

The water is heated to 32 degrees which provides a medium for pain relief, helps to relax tense sore muscles, reduce muscle spasms, increase tissue elasticity and joint range of motion. The water level can also be adjusted for every patient to suit their individual needs and their reason for treatment. This also allows our therapist to determine how much weight is loading on their joints during treatment.

Our therapist is also able to carry out a range of therapeutic exercises in the water on the animal being treated. This is very beneficial for dogs who may struggle with land based exercises, as the water acts as a buoyancy aid taking pressure off their joints. Our therapist uses a hands on approach which allows her to assist each patient in the water giving them extra support and guidance during treatment.