Import and Export of Semen

Import and export of semen

A reliable semen import and export service that you can trust, we handle all of the necessaries to safely transport canine semen to and from Australia, Europe and the US. This is a complicated and laborious process as each country’s government may have different standards for canine semen and may require licenses for each shipment. We will oversee and manage this whole process for you. 

What is included?

Included in our service is:

  • Import and export of canine frozen semen worldwide
  • Extraction and chilling canine semen to exported on that day to Europe
  • Licensing applicable to different countries organised and certified here
  • Supply of dry shippers for transportation of semen
  • Shipping by Fedex or DHL
  • Blood tests for Leptospirosis, Brucella canis and Leishmaniosis
Price List

Semen Export to Australia/New Zealand, including courier, dry shipper rental, blood test dog and licence application €1,400.00

Semen Import from Australia/New Zealand €400.00

Semen Export to USA, including courier, dry shipper and administration €1,200.00

Semen Import from USA €250.00

Chilled Semen Export to Europe €480.00

Frozen Semen Export to Europe including courier, dry shipper and administration approx €650.00

Semen Import Licence from Europe €110.00

PLEASE NOTE All pricing is a guide only and is subject to change for each individual case. All enquiries should be made to for accurate pricing. We also operate an email group aimed at combining shipments and splitting the costs. Email are sent out regularly detailing upcoming destinations – both export and import. If you would like to be added to the list please send an email requesting so along with your own details.