Cardiac Assessment

Cardiac Assessment

At Southview Vets, we are proud to offer a dedicated small animal cardiology service for your pets.

This service is led by veterinary surgeon Deirdre Sheehan, a certificate holder in Small Animal Cardiology

What Cardiology services do you offer?

Our services include
– Echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart), including 2D and Doppler imaging
– ECG (assessment of heart rhythm)
– Digital radiography (for assessment of pulmonary conditions)
– Pericardiocentesis (draining of pericardial effusion)
– Specialised anaesthesia protocols for cardiac or geriatric patients
We can offer the latest in medical treatment for your pet’s heart or lung disease, as well as
preventative treatment for congestive heart failure in at-risk breeds, including Cavalier King Charles
Spaniels and Dobermanns.

Is Sedation Necessary?

While most procedures are done without any need for sedation, we have access to the latest and
safest sedation options where necessary for very nervous pets.

Pre-breeding Screening

Pre-breeding screening can also be performed to rule out hereditary heart conditions in breeding
animals, as well as puppy checks on individuals with a family history of heart disease.