Artificial Insemination

Why Artificial Insemination (AI)?

Our veterinary specialists offer an expert service to suit each breeder to maximise conception rates for each individual mating.

This process has a number of advantages over a natural mating when trying to get your bitch in pup

  • Matings are possible if stud dog and brood bitch reside in different locations or countries
  • Semen can be collected and stored indefinitely – we have successfully used semen that was over 20 years old
  • Semen analysis can confirm fertility of stud dog prior to mating
  • A single extraction can be used to mate a number of brood bitches
  • Creating a ‘semen bank’ for a valuable proven stud dog extends his stud career
  • Overcomes difficulties with natural matings such as inexperience or nervousness
How does it work?

• Standard Pipette Artificial Insemination (AI) of brood bitch with fresh semen. This deposits the semen in the upper vagina in much the same way as a natural mating.

• Transcervical Insemination (TCI) Endoscope technology is used to visualise the cervix and deposit the semen inside the uterus itself. Greater numbers of viable sperm are delivered to the eggs with this technique. This is especially important when using chilled or frozen semen. No general anaesthetic or surgical procedure required. We are the only veterinary practice in Ireland offering this service.

• Surgical Insemination (SI)  Deposits the semen in each horn of the uterus, within millimeters of the ovaries themselves. This offers the opportunity to deliver even greater quantities of viable sperm to the eggs. This may be performed where TCI may not be an option either due to anatomy or temperament of the brood bitch or where we are using extremely poor quality semen.

Price List


Consultation, Progesterone Test and Vaginal Cytology:€77.50

Repeat Consultation, Progesterone Test and Vaginal Cytology:€56.75

Transcervical Implantation (TCI) of Bitch Fresh Semen €237.00

Transcervical Implantation (TCI) of Bitch Frozen/Chilled Semen €325.00

Surgical Implantation of Bitch – price on request – Approx €565

Find out more

In our experience we find the best approach is to take the time to discuss a plan for your dog.  This allows owners to make arrangements for travelling and gives them a realistic expectation of cost. Please email us so that we can help you start to plan your next breeding.