Our vets carry out routine neuters, tumour surgery, suture wound lacerations and perform soft tissue surgery daily in our state of the art operating theatre. We use monitored general anaesthesia using the newest and safest anaesthetics on the market. Our team of surgeons and nurses are available for emergency caesarean sections and abdominal problems.


At Southview Veterinary Hospital we also perform specialised orthopaedic procedures. Our surgeons are trained in techniques such as:

  • Bone plating
  • Joint surgery including cruciate surgery and hip toggle
  • intramedullary pinning and external skeletal fixators


At Southview Veterinary Hospital we have onsite radiography and  x-ray analysis.
We have a specialised Ultrasound Scanner at Southview Veterinary Hospital. Ultrasound is a painless diagnostic tool for imaging the thorax and the abdomen for any signs of disease. Your pet does not need a general anaesthetic or sedation to have an ultrasound scan so it is very safe especially in a very sick animal. 

We also have a digital x-ray developer.  This makes it quite easy for referrals as the xrays can be with the referral hospital withing seconds, by e-mail. All x-rays are saved electronically on your pets file therefore can be retrieved very quickly when needed.


The welfare of your pet is constantly on our mind at Southview Veterinary Hospital so pain relief is administered during all routine operations and specialised pain management is practised for orthopaedic surgeries. Any pets that we feel may have post operative pain are sent home with oral pain relief.
We also prioritise pain management in older dogs that may have chronic arthritic pain and can discuss the many different options at Southview Veterinary Hospital for your pet as he gets older and slows down.


With our in house laboratory we can:

  • Run full blood counts to check for infection, anaemia and blood disorders
  • Biochemistry analysis, to monitor function of liver, kidney, pancreas and check for diabetes mellitus
  • Urine analysis for infection, protein, blood, early renal failure, and bladder stones
  • Cytology, examination of blood smears, fine needle aspirations and fluid analysis
  • FIV and FELV tests for cats
  • Skin scrapes and skin biopsy

We also send samples to external laboratories that carry out more specialised tests for us when necessary.