Dog Foods

We stock several ranges of dog and cat foods.

  • Hills VetEssentials, SciencePlan Diet and Prescriptions Diets.
  • Royal Canin Diets and Royal Canin Prescription Diets and Royal Canin Specific Breed Diets.
  • We also stock the full range of Burns dog and cat foods.

If you are looking for a specific diet we can order it in and have it ready for you within 2 days.

Flea Products

  • Practic
  • Frontline
  • Advocate
  • Stronghold

We also stock household flea sprays.


We stock Parazole, Milbemax and Drontal Plus wormers. For cats we also have a spot on wormer called Profender which covers Tapeworm aswell as many other worms.


We have a wide range of dog shampoos and medicated shampoos including Malaseb, Seleen and Vet Solutions Universal Shampoo. We also have ear cleaners in stock.

Nutritional Supplements

We stock supplements for arthritis, for senior dogs and for skin conditions.

Greyhound Supplements

We have tonics, electrolytes, white E powder and other supplements for racing greyhounds.
At Southview Veterinary Hospital, we understand the importance of optimum nutrition for your pet. We know that a complete and balanced diet is vital in maintaining optimum health and well being throughout all stages of your pets life.

At Southview, we supply only the highest quality pet foods manufactured by Hills, Royal Canin and Burns. No matter what the age, size and health status of your pet, we have a food designed to cater for their specific needs.

Our Suppliers