At Southview Veterinary Hospital we know how important it is to diagnose any health problems that your pet may have before they start to show overt clinical signs. Preventative health care is often the most successful way to a healthy pet, so when we meet your pet during routine consultations we will always give him a full health check.

This will include:

  • Full history
  • Eye and ear examination
  • Dental check up
  • Heart and lungs check up
  • Skin examination
  • Advice on his diet and weight
  • Nail check
  • Advice on flea treatments and worming regimes


Vaccinating your puppy and its’ follow up annual booster vaccinations are essential in your pet’s health care. At Southview Veterinary Hospital we have all the routine vaccinations necessary for dogs, cats and rabbits. We offer the standard ‘seven in one’ vaccination for dogs including distemper, parvovirus and leptospirosis, we also have kennel cough vaccination and rabies vaccinations.
We vaccinate cats for feline influenza and enteritis and we also recommend annual vaccination for feline leukaemia which is becoming more prevalent in Clonmel. We also vaccinate rabbits for Myxomatosis.

Please note: We will send out reminders both by post and text when your pet is due his annual vaccination and health check.


During your pet’s annual health check we will offer dental advice on maintaining healthy teeth and gums through diet and dental products. If we see dental problems developing in your pet for example gingivitis, tartar or loose teeth we will treat the conditions by descaling and polishing the teeth, dental extractions and dental radiography to sort out these problems for your pet.


As your pet gets older he may start to have age related problems such as heart disease, diabetes mellitus, arthritis and renal or liver failure. If we have any concerns at his annual health check about his well being we will immediately offer blood tests, urinalysis or radiography to pinpoint your pets problems and start early treatment which will improve your pet’s quality of life and his longevity.


Many of our customers now wish to travel with their pet to Europe. At Southview Veterinary Hospital we can offer advice on regulations for travel, pet passport applications, rabies vaccinations and rabies blood tests and heartworm and tick treatments prior to travelling.



This can be a very difficult time for a pet owner losing your faithful friend of many years. We try to offer you compassionate advice to help you decide when it is the right time and then to give your pet a pain free and dignified death.
We have a cremation service with ‘Pets to Rest’ in Co Kerry where your pet can have an individual cremation if you chose.