Consultation and Examination30.00
2nd Re-examination25.00
3rd Re-examination15.00
Vaccinations (including health check)
Dog Annual Vaccination32.50
Dog Annual Vaccination plus Kennel Cough(recommended)55.00
Puppy or Kitten First Vaccination30.00
Puppy or Kitten Second Vaccination25.00
Cat Annual Vaccination30.00
Cat Annual Vaccination plus Leukaemia (recommended)40.00
Kitten Vaccination plus Leukaemia40.00
Rabies Vaccination50.00
Bitch Spay depending on size120.00-160.00
Dog Neutering depending on size88.00 - 110.00
Cat Spay60.00
Cat Neutering50.00
DENTALS (not including dental extractions)
Dog Dental de-scale and polish (under 20kg)90.00
Dog Dental de-scale and polish (over 20kg)100.00
Cat Dental de-scale and polish80.00
Implant and register (not including consultation fee)32.00
Kennel club pup microchip22.70

Prices quoted for neutering and dentals include general anaesthetic fee. There may be additional fees for intravenous drips, laboratory test, antibiotics and pain relief if deemed necessary by the veterinary surgeon. You will be informed of any additional costs prior to treatment and we can give you a printed estimate if you require one. Prices are subject to change at any time.

All prices include 13.5% VAT.