Pre Operation Questions

When your pet is in for an operation here we think it is a good time to give them a check over and make sure that everything else is in working order.
These are our recommendations….

  • If your pet is over 7 years of age or over we highly recommend a pre-anaesthetic blood test to eliminate any pre-existing problems that may not be evident physically but could lead to complications later on. The cost of this blood test is €45.00.
  • If your pet is overdue its booster vaccinations they can be administered to them when in for its operation. It costs between €35.00-40.00 for an annual booster.
  • Do you want any flea or worm treatments for your pet? They require monthly flea treatments and worming every 3 months.
  • Does your pet need to be microchipped? The cost of this is €32.
  • Do you want your pets nail’s clipped while under anaesthetic?
  • If your dog has problems with his dew claws they can be removed during this operation.
  • Do you need your dog’s anal glands checked or emptied?
  • Are there any lumps or bumps on your pet that you need to show to us to be checked?
  • If your pet is having a tumour removed can you please confirm if you would like it sent away for further examination?
  • Are your pet’s ears clean? Do you want us to check them and clean them if necessary.
  • Have you spoken to either a vet or nurse about Pet Plan Insurance? It costs approximately €15.41 to €21.58 for a dog per month for pet insurance. For a cat the cost is approximately €11.77 to €12.89 per month.
  • We find many dogs and cats suffer from tartar on their teeth. We treat this by de-scaling and polishing their teeth whilst under anaesthetic. If your pet has dental problems we can treat them when they are in with us today. The cost to descale and polish is €40.00, excluding any extractions.