Pet Insurance

  • We strongly recommend you take out pet insurance on your dog or cat.
  • Consider it a savings plan for your pet to enable to you to treat the many conditions an older pet can suffer.
  • Dogs range from €15.41 to €21.58 per month with further discounts for pensioners, microchipped pets and multi pet households
  • Cats range from €11.77 to €12.89 with similar discounts
  • Every day we meet owners who find they are limited in how they would like to treat their pet because advanced veterinary medicine and surgery is too expensive.
  • If your pet requires referral for surgery or medical treatment you may find these clinics are very costly
  • If you don’t insure your pet as a young dog any conditions he suffers prior to insuring him may be excluded from the insurance.
  • There are a number of companies now supplying pet insurance, including Allianz, Petinsure,, Tesco